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History of Kalwar Family

History of Kalwar Family

The present Kalwar family are the eighteenth descendents of Kalyan Singh, one of the sons of Maharaja Prithviraj of Amer ( later JAIPUR) who ruled from 1504 to 1547 AD. Kalyan Singh, a brave and tough warrior captured the Kalwar fort from another clan of Rajputs, the Narukas, in 1607 AD in a fierce battle. After this battle, some of the women folk of the Narukas commmited ‘johar’ i.e.they jumped to death in a burning pyre and the rest who hid themselves in the Charbhuja temple in the village were returned to the Narukas unharmed.
The history of the Kilyanot clan (named after Kalyan Singh) is full of valour and courage. Kalyan Singh’s grandson, Sunder Singh was martyred in the battle of Bans Bareli. Down the linage, Kharag Singh (also refered to as Kharagsen) of Kalwar was one of the favourites and most trusted Army Commanders of Mirja Raja Jai Singh, who in turn was the chieftain of the Mughal Army. He was martyred in one of the battles in Southern Provinces. In the linage, Bakhat Singh finds a very special mention in the Battle of Hinglaj ( Afghanistan) in 1720 AD. Man Singh Kalyanot is epitomised and idolised in ‘ Kurum Vijay’ the historical recital of the battle of Manwada – Mandoli, fought between Jaipur and Bharatpur in 1767 AD.
The present Kalwar family heritage status was given a Philip by Thakur Balwant Singh with effect from 1827 AD and presently comprises of Castle Kalwar, also known as Kalwar Garh, Kalwar Bagh, Kalwar Stud, Dera Kalwar, and Buckees Collection.


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